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What is Niffty?

Niffty connects individuals with local freelancers for tasks such as cleaning, virtual assistance, and delivery, etc. It offers easy task posting, qualified individuals, and prioritizes trust and transparency for quality service at fair prices.

How does Niffty Work?

Our platform offers two ways to get tasks done: "Post a Task" if you're looking for a specialized task and "Find a Niffter" if you need the job done urgently. You can browse through Niffters' profiles that have posted, including their skills, portfolio, and rates, and select the right Niffter to get the task done quickly.


Why Niffty?

Trust Resources

Individuals are verified to ensure our customers receive services from trusted and qualified individuals.


Better Price

Based on historical data and market value to ensure you get the best bargain with Niffty.


Quality Work

Niffters are verified and selected based on a set of criteria; including performance, reviews, skills.


Upon Completion

Payment is stored in Niffter’s account and will only be released for withdrawal upon satisfactory completion.

When can I start?

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